Okavango Khwai River Safari: Lions Hunt in the Water Channels

Okavango Khwai River Safari: Lions Hunt in the Water Channels


News from Kobus Saayman:


Our aim as we left the Lodge was to find the lions that we saw yesterday.


We found the lions – and were delighted to see that they were very busy … they were on a hunt, and we followed them as they waded through channels, spotted and tried to hunt lechwe.


There was no shortage of opportunities, but the lions were just unable to capitalise on the presence of so many large herds.

We moved on and were delighted to encounter more lions. This time we found young lions on the plains, watching the lechwe carefully, but making no attempt to get up and follow any of them.


So we decided to return in the afternoon, hoping that as the day progressed they would decide to hunt. In any case, the light in later afternoon is so much better than the harsh midday light.

So after another delicious lunch enjoyed after drinks around the pool we set out, even though some rather spectacular thunderstorms were gathering and creating ominous looking skies.

We passed an impala carcass with plenty of vultures creating their usual fuss, jostling, flying up, returning and squabbling over morsels. There were both White-backed and Hooded Vultures in the melee.

As planned we went in search of the lions – but no way! They had disappeared, and although we checked around, there was absolutely no sign of them anywhere.

Before heading back to the Lodge we enjoyed sundowners at a large lagoon far out in the bush. The lagoon looked quite magnificent with plenty of dead trees around and abundant flowering Water-lilies to complete the beauty of the scene.

On the way back to the Lodge we stopped a number of times – a great favourite was a sighting of a very photogenic Giant Eagle Owl.