Okavango Khwai River Safari: Hippo Chase Comedy

We woke up this morning to find the whole world around us wetter than ever after really heavy rains that fell steadily throughout the night.

We crossed the very swollen Khwai River over the wooden bridge to reach the Moremi Reserve. Here, as always, there seemed to be animals wherever we looked – we decided to concentrate on the exceptional, beautiful bird life, capturing some outstanding shots. The Wattled Cranes, Grey-headed Kingfishers and some Carmine Bee-eaters.


Perhaps the highlight of the morning came when we came across two Cheetahs right on the edge of the forest. This gave us some rather spectacular photographic opportunities.

After filling our cameras with hundreds of photos we headed back to the Lodge for lunch.

The afternoon was cloudy and rainy when we set out. We wanted to get to the plains to photograph the elegant Lechwes again –


– and although we did this very successfully, we had a major distraction.

The distraction took the form of a pod or maybe pods of hippos – and did they ever provide an afternoon of comic relief for us! We laughed until our sides ached!


The hippos were engaged in a titanic battle with one another of catch-me-if-you-can! It was so funny as they dashed after each other at full speed – and what speed! – across the plains … with us in hot pursuit and roaring with laughter, all the while trying to focus our cameras on the action. They chased each other for more that 20Km, and when we checked their tracks we found that they were going so fast that the tracks were up to 2.5 meters apart!

We enjoyed our sundowners back on the plains where we were completely surrounded by Lechwe. It felt like such a privilege to sit there, surrounded by the graceful animals, soaking up the peace and beauty of our surroundings while the sun sank ever closer to the horizon.

After yet another wonderful day we returned to the Lodge, thinking that life does not get much better than this …