ODP Overland Safari: Full Moon, Baobab, and an Elephant

Wim’s Report from Khwai to Savute:

We tried to track a leopard early this morning, having found some very fresh tracks … but it remained just a step ahead of us as we searched along the ground and through the bush.

Coffee sounded very inviting so we stopped at the large bird pan to photograph the water birds,

                                    photo 2 K to S

– including White-faced Ducks, until it was time to return to the lodge and pack up for the next leg of our safari.

We enjoyed a really good drive to Savute,

                                                                                 photo 1 K to S

– with lovely scenery on the way.

We arrived at around 1400, in time for a quick latish lunch before we set out on our game drive. 

The plan was to head to the marsh area where a leopard has been seen recently. Our luck was in and we found the leopard. It was close to a water channel and a little shy, but we spent some time capturing some good shots of the powerful cat before it disappeared into the reeds surrounding the channel.

The sun was dipping quite low by now, and when we found a herd of elephants, and then a herd of zebras, the setting was perfect for some beautiful backlit shots of the animals in groups, pairs or some lovely full frames of an animal backlit by the vibrant sunset.

                           photo 3 K to S

To round off a wonderful day, a full moon rose just as the sun set. We found a massive Baobab Tree, which we photographed against that huge orange moon that hung just above the horizon.

And is if that were not enough, a lone elephant appeared to complete the scene. Sunset, baobab, full orange moon, elephant! A wildlife photographer’s dream image – and you may be sure that we took full advantage of every second!

We are back at the Lodge and about to enjoy our moonlit dinner, thrilled with the events of the day.

Tomorrow we plan to start at the marsh area again …