ODP Nguni Voyager Safari 30 September

Today was once again a great day on the river. The various parties headed out on their boats just as the sun rose, all very keen to see what the morning had in store for them.

We were lucky enough to see the 2 lioness and their cubs again having a drink from the river, by the smell in the area it was now evident that they had a kill close by. The birdlife was great too as always and some great shots were capturedof the storks, herons and comorants flying in and out of the. Breading grounds at the impalila rapids.

After brunch, we left Kasika Island and headed up river to Serondela the cruise up there was fantastic, the wildlife spotted from the boat and the numbers were un believable, hundreds upon hundreds of elephants and a few large herds of buffalo covered the flood plains, it was a great sight!

The afternoons photography was good, we got some great images of elephants crossing the river and 2 special birds, the White backed night heron and the Half cloared kingfisher, both very nice to see and photograph.

Well that’s all for today,

Cheers Brendon