ODP Nguni Voyager Safari 1 October

Well over night the tables had turned on us, the wind was blowing gails and it had brought in some heavy cloud cover. But with a high level of optimisim we all headed out early. Unfortunately the conditiond were just not conducive to photography and there just wasn’t much happening out there. We were all back at the boat earlier than normal, where we sat and went though some editing techniques with some of the guests.

The plan was to stay up here at Serondela for 2 nights but later decedid to head back to Kasika as everyone wanted to capture the action around the Impalila rapids before they went home, the action around the kasika area and the Kasai channel both from a wildlife and Birding perspective it just fantastic at the moment.

this afternoons activities were great, the sun had broken the clouds and there was some great light once again. We saw a number of elephant crossings and some great birdlife, skimmers skimming, lots of fish eagles plenty storks and herons and once again 2 special birds were spotted and photographed, a Rosy throated long claw and some collared pratincoles bathing in the shallows of the river.

Cheers for now, Brendon