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Night at the Waterhole …

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour:

We started out late – it was about three hours after dinner when we made our way to the waterhole for some nighttime photography.

And what a night!

When we arrived at our strategic spot we found a herd of Elephants already at the water. We were still sorting out our flashes and settings when a Black Rhino arrived for his evening drink. We hurried and yes! Our photographs were good. Just in time!

Then the action started. Something about the Rhino annoyed the Elephants and they ganged up on the single animal. He didn’t resist too much, and as he had managed to have a quick drink he gave way and lumbered off into the darkness. Having chased the Rhino, the Elephants also left the scene.

After a short break we saw figures looming out of the darkness. As they came closer we saw that they were Spotted Hyenas. They slunk down to the water’s edge and started to drink. Our cameras captured every moment and movement and then we spotted another large shape that started to materialise silently from the darkness – another Black Rhino joined us for the shoot. Wow! We were more than delighted!

Then a trickle of different animals arrived. There were mostly elephants. But what was that? As it came closer we identified a Brown Hyena. He enjoyed a nice long drink and we were able to get some good images. He was interrupted by a Black-backed Jackal.

We looked up and saw an unmistakeable silhouette in the distance. Slowly but surely it came closer and closer. The Giraffe was so very cautious, and then it stopped completely. The lofty animal stood stock still and stared and stared, no longer moving.

And then we saw what had the caught the giraffe’s attention. A large male Lion walked steadily to the waters edge and there it stopped to drink and to stare at us between laps.

Having satisfied its thirst the Lion departed and at last the Giraffe could approach. And as if from nowhere, a whole herd of Giraffe appeared to enjoy a long, awkward drink at the waterhole.

Then we looked at our watches. We needed to get back to the camp for a short sleep before our morning game drive that will probably start right back at the waterhole …

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