Nguni Voyager: More Elephants than One can Imagine

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Brendon Reports


We all arrived at the Nguni Voyager with great excitement and after a hasty lunch we set out in the smaller boats.


Well, I have never seen so many elephants in my life! The numbers were quite extraordinary. There are always hundreds here, but today they numbered in the thousands! We were lucky enough to see two separate herds, miles apart, cross the river. We enjoyed the family interactions, splashing, spraying each other and generally fooling around as they crossed the river.


Another great sighting was a large herd of buffalo that arrived at the river for a drink. The light was just perfect at that time and our cameras clicked away capturing stunning images.


And of course the bird enthusiasts were delighted as well. To list every species we saw would take ages, so I will stress the ones we spent the most time photographing.  


African Skimmers were skimming along the water, giving us great photo opps, and a Giant Kingfisher sitting on a tree stump was followed by a White-fronted Bee-eater busily catching nsects.


We went into the Savannah Backwaters for our sundowners, and once again we encountered masses of elephant. The lovely sunset coloursenhanced our photographs of the elephants eating, drinking and splashing.


This evening as we sit on the deck of the boat we can see a thunderstorm brewing with lightning streaks creating a dramatic vista for us to watch.


Hopefully if it rains tonight the skies will be clear as we set out early tomorrow morning