Nguni Voyager: Large Numbers of Animals and Birds at the Riverside as Inland Water Dries Up

Brendon’s Bulletin:

The sunrise on the river this morning was beautiful beyond description. And with busy Pied Kingfishers hovering in front of that magnificent backdrop we quickly filled memory card after memory card. The birds were flying in and out of their nest holes and as some of these were located close together many inevitable territorial disputes broke out.

Travelling upriver again in that glorious light we found Yellow – billed Storks, Egrets and Herons. To our delight we photographed both African Jacanas and Lesser Jacanas, before spending time with fishing Fish Eagles. They seemed to enjoy showing off – and many of their spectacular catches were right in front of our boat.

We visited both colonies of African Skimmers again. This time, our photography was totally different. The lack of wind today meant that the choppy water from yesterday was replaced with a mirror – like surface, and the fabulous reflections as the birds skimmed and flew around were stunning.

In addition to the plentiful bird life which is the main focus for our guests, there are herds of buffalo, more puku than I have seen here before this trip, lechwe, hippos, crocodiles, and numerous large herds of elephants. The inland water has substantially dried up and the animals do not venture far from the riverside – giving us almost continual sighting and photographic opportunities.

Today most of us decided to spend the midday break on a fishing expedition and we returned to the Nguni Voyager after a very successful time and with our spoils … plenty of Tiger Fish.

This afternoon the Nguni Voyager moved up to Serondela. The peace and serenity of this area needs to be experienced! There are no intruding sounds, no lights shining from civilisation – just the gentle lapping of the water against the sides of the boat and the splish-splash of wildlife in and around the river.

As we sit here soaking up the wonderful atmosphere, we find ourselves gloating over the beautiful photographs we took this afternoon of herds (yes, herds plural) of elephants crossing the river from Botswana into Namibia. The vibrant sunset seemed to change everything to colours from crimson to bright yellow and with deep blue skies above.




The reflections in the water enhanced the feeling of total immersion in that glowing scene, and the dark silhouettes of the elephants as they passed us in single file to cross the river gave us images that we will treasure forever.

Incredibly bright stars shine down on us … and reflect up from the mirror surface of the water – as we relish the moment, and are not yet thinking as far as tomorrow …