Nguni Voyager: Hippo Wars

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Brendon’s News:

Although one of the connecting flights was delayed, we managed to get on board in record time and after a delicious but hasty lunch we set out in the boats just before 16h30.

The afternoon light was spectacular and we managed some great shots of the large herds of elephants grazing peacefully near the river.

It was awesome to approach some feeding spoonbills and to photograph them in the beautiful surroundings.

Giant Kingfishers kept us busy for ages as they sat on tree stumps and then dived repeatedly in search of fish.

It was interesting to note how frequently they were successful and the action kept us engrossed for quite some time, watching the different types of Kingfishers.

Close by we could see a pod of hippo peacefully enjoying the advancing afternoon. As we were photographing the relaxed hippos and the quiet and gentle scene everything changed. As always in the bush a scene can change in a second and this is exactly what happened.

One moment there was serenity all around and the next the whole river seemed to erupt as an argument broke out among the hippo, and with huge snorts, huge splashing and huge mouths open showing those huge teeth, the hippos chased each other and within moments every hippo seemed to be fighting every other one.

The sight was terrifying, and truly awe-inspiring, but the action shots that we captured are just amazing! 

Eventually they settled down and when calm returned to the river we ventured into the Savannah backwaters to enjoy sundowners and the magnificent sunset.

We were so lucky again – just as the huge red disc of the sun approached the horizon a herd of elephant appeared and the sight of these magnificent animals against the glorious sunset and creating silhouettes against the orb of the sun and the vibrant colours behind them was quite spellbinding.  

Tomorrow we plan to leave early for our afternoon excursion to make up for the moments we lost with our late arrival …