Nguni Voyager: Early Birds – we capture images of numerous beautiful Species

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Brendon’s News

This morning was quite overcast and somber as we headed toward a side channel. As we pulled in a flock of Yellow-billed Storks flew toward us and we captured wonderful images of them against the sun.

Fish Eagles delighted us again as they swooped and caught fish, and we were lucky enough to see another (or maybe the same) Yellow-billed Kite scooping fish off the water. Grey-headed Gulls were also fishing, and numerous smaller birds like Malachite Kingfishers, Jacanas, Egrets, and Squacco Herons. The latter were posing on the a instant papyrus for us.

When we returned to the Nguni Voyager it was time to commence the beautiful journey along the river to our mooring at Serendela. The journey is so enjoyable and we watched as the ever-changing river banks teeming with game came into view, giving us even more excellent photo opportunities.

This afternoon we went in search of Fish Eagles again. The overcast afternoon gave us a totally different set of images with the different lighting conditions.

We enjoyed sundowners in a backwater again and just as the sun approached the horizon it escaped the cloud cover and the world was bathed in a glorious pink-golden light. We photographed a pod of about twenty hippos in the lovely light.

This evening back on the boat we are almost overwhelmed by the serenity that surrounds us. The clouds are beginning to disperse and the bright, twinkling stars in the heavens seem to promise a clear day tomorrow …