Nguni Voyager: Buffalo, Elephant, Sable, Giraffe and Birds Galore keep us very busy

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Brendon’s Report:

It is almost ethereal to be on the river just before the sun comes up. Ones senses are just that much more alert, and the surroundings take on a mysterious, beautiful aura.

Heading down river we encountered so many animals arriving at the rivers edge for their early morning drink. First a herd of buffalo drinking, then the usual large numbers of elephant that seem to be almost everywhere.

These were followed by a highlight for us – Sable Antelope on the banks of the river also enjoying an early morning drink.

The Fish Eagles were unusually active this morning. They seemed to be all around, calling, fishing and carrying food to their nests. Numerous territorial disputes broke out and our cameras were really busy as we tried so hard to capture as much of the action as we could.

Kingfishers and Skimmers kept us equally busy and at times we were hard pressed to know which way to point our lenses. The multitude of birds and animals amazed us.

We decided to visit the heronry again, with Herons, Cormorants and Yellow-billed Storks keeping us busy there until it was time to return to the Nguni Voyager.

After lunch the boat started to move up the river toward Serendela, giving us the opportunity to enjoy and photograph the birds and animals from a higher perspective on the upper decks of the boat.

We moored in a beautiful spot, peaceful and tranquil.

Setting out in the smaller boats we were once again able to the the wildlife from  just above the water level.

A large herd of elephant silhouetted against the sky was followed by a herd  of giraffe also silhouetted against the vivid sunset.

Tonight we are preparing to try some star shots of the unbelievably brilliant sky, and we will try some star trail images. It is totally breathtaking to see how many stars are visible – and how brightly they shine. We really tend to forget this in the city.

In the morning we are hoping to be early enough to maybe catch sight of a White-backed Night Heron which the guides have said are resident in the area …