Nguni Voyager: An Unusual Perspective as we View the Diverse Wildlife from Water Level

Brendon Reports:

By lunchtime all but two of our party had arrived and we set out to the Nguni Voyager where we first enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before setting out on our first excursion. 

Being at water level in the small boats gives one such an amazing and close perspective of the surroundings and the wildlife.

As we headed up river in glorious light we saw a Giant Kingfisher, Grey Herons, and Pied Kingfishers – all intent on catching some of the rich variety of fish in the river.



A herd of buffalo on the banks of the river looked down on us as we photographed from our vantage point way below them. We managed some really interesting images from below, making the large beasts look quite enormous and imposing from that angle.

Them more successful Kingfishers. One managed to catch a fish and we watched, cameras busy, as he proceeded to thrash the fish on a sturdy branch until he was able to swallow his prey.

Soon after the sun disappeared behind a cloud bank, painting colours in the sky, we came across a very unusual sight for this time of the year … a Woodland Kingfisher that allowed us to approach close enough for full frame photographs! This remarkable sight kept us busy for some time.

As we ventured further we photographed some huge crocodiles that lazed on the banks of the river, occasionally splashing into the water to go hunting. 

A herd of elephants on the banks of the river above us also seemed larger than ever from our low angles, and pods of yawning, grumbling hippos were everywhere.

Back on the Nguni Voyager we are enjoying a magnificent evening, with superb weather, and our plans for tomorrow include a trip up one or two of the side channels …