Nguni Voyager: A Thousand Elephants at the River

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Brendon’s News:

We all arrived at the Chobe river this afternoon to be transported to the Nguni Voyager on the River. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and immediately felt relaxed and at home. After a delicious lunch and a short briefing we set out on the small boats.

And what an afternoon!

We saw approximately 1000 elephants. They had come down to the river to bathe and drink, and we watched as some entered the river for a swim, and others enjoyed a dust bath on the banks of the river.The afternoon light made the scenes truly magnificent.

We ventured further up the river to where the Skimmers nest. Although there are no chicks as yet the birds were active, skimming across the surface of the water, flying around and silhouetted beautifully against the deep blue sky.

We decided to watch the sunset from some quite remote backwaters. And what a good choice that was. There were more elephant there and their silhouettes against the huge vivid red ball of the setting sun and the surrounding vibrant colours in the sky made memories and images that will be with us forever.

Tonight we are sitting on the deck of the boat, talking in hushed tones, almost afraid to disturb the quiet sounds of the river lapping quietly and peaceful bush around us. The millions of bright stars above seem almost close enough to touch, also adding to the magic of the evening.

As we enjoy the special evening we reflect how wonderful it is to be here, and we all wonder what the early start will show us..