Nguni Voyager: A Photographic Delight gets our Safari off to an Incredible Start

Wim Reports:

We arrived at our meeting place in the afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful scenic drive along the Chobe River to reach the Nguni Voyager moored at Serendela in time to grab our cameras and board one of the small boats to start our first excursion into this unbelievable area.

Just as the sun neared the horizon we found a large herd of elephants strung out along an island that fingers its way into the waters of the river channel.



The elephants were feeding on the grass and occasionally taking a quick drink from the river. They were so unfazed by our presence that we were able to approach to within two to three meters of the quietly grazing herd.

The beautiful, dramatic sunset provided the kind of backdrop that people travel far and wide to capture, and with our perspective from water level, our results were stupendous.




Each individual could not help exclaiming appreciatively as their cameras clicked away, capturing those magical, incomparable moments.

Back on the boat for sundowners, we sit and absorb the serenity of the area. We are the only humans for miles around! The now setting sun, the beautiful colours, the soft swish of the water, quiet bird calls – punctuated by lions roaring nearby! 

Who could ask for more …