Nguni Voyager 17 & 18 august – odp safari

its great to be on the Nguni this year, the weather is great and birdlife abundant as aways.

The african skimmers obviousely bred well last year as they are many more this year with numerous nesting colonies on the banks of Chobi National Park and Kasika island. On our first afternoon and second days cruises, everyone managed to get some great images of the Skimmers and a number of other bird species including, little egrets, open billed storks, pied, brown hooded and giant king fishers and yellow billed storks just to name a few.

On the wildlife side, elephants are everywhere as always, buffalo dotted around the islands and we’ve had some lovely sightings of a few small herds of Puku too. Yesterday afternoon we were particularly luck to see a large herd of Sable which is a very special sight. We are moving up from Kasika Island to Serondela this moring so looking forward to seeing what is instore for us up there.

Cheers for now, Brendon and Wim on safari on the Nguni Voyager.