Ndutu Serengeti Wildebeest Calving Safari: Lions and more …

News from Wim:

After leaving Sopa Lodge again in the pre-dawn darkness we were in the Ngorongoro crater as the first shards of light started to brighten the day. It was just beautiful!

We went straight to the stream where we found the first pride of lions that we spotted yesterday. We searched for the lions and we heading towards them when we came across a Serval sitting on a bank almost next to us. It was sitting on a mound, and was almost at eye level with us. We captured some really beautiful images of the lovely cat.

Meanwhile, behind the Serval a large herd of buffalo headed steadily towards the stream for an early drink. And right behind the buffalo we could see a lion following close to them. When the Serval looked up and noticed the approaching group it jumped down and slunk right past our vehicle – right next to us, from where it disappeared into a nearby thicket. What a fabulous way to start the morning!

We moved on to the pride of lions and found that with the rising sun they were quite active. The cubs played around, cavorting and climbing around the adults, and chasing each other, leaping clumsily in all directions.

Lions Wim van den Heever-043

We were with the lions when we received a call that just a kilometer further on were four large males. They were lying flat, clearly not intending to move for some time.

Yesterday some rhino were on the drying lake bed in the Ngorongoro and we thought it would be great to see if they were still there. We found them but they were way in the distance.

After photographing more elephants we stopped for a very welcome breakfast. (Amazing what the fresh air does to one’s appetite).

This afternoon wind and the first rain blew in, giving us the chance to capture shots of zebra and wildebeest in the dust storm, –

WB and Calf Wim van den Heever-003

– with rain visible in the background, creating a stunning backdrop.

Anticipating that the lions would be wet and shaking their manes we returned to find very dry lions. No rain fell just where they were!

Back at the Lodge in time for another magnificent sunset.

9 Ndutu Sunset Brendon Feb 2017

Tomorrow we move to Ndutu – right into the thick of the wildebeest calving action …