Ndutu Serengeti Wildebeest Calving: Hunting … and a kill!

Ndutu Serengeti Wildebeest Calving: Hunting … and a kill!


Wim’s News from Ndutu:


We set out very early to reach the plains before sunrise. Our aim was to find cheetah and within moments we found a mother cheetah with her cubs and a male huting on his own.

Wim van den Heever NS-008

We stuck with both for the morning – alternating between the two hunters as they spotted potentail prey, hunted, then hunted again – and again. They were really keen, but after several attempts, futile chases and near-misses, neither had a reward. But for us it was incredibly exciting to watch and to photograph as our pulses raced and adrenalin flowed!

After all the excitement we returned to the camp for a very quick lunch, after which we dashed back immediately – this time to the area where we had seen the lions yesterday.

And can you believe it … we found the pride of lions seconds after they had made a kill. As soon as the kill was down one of the lionesses left to fetch her seven or eight cubs and ushered them back to the kill.

The scenes that followed kept us absorbed for the entire afternoon. Adult lions feeding while the cubs interacted with the adults as they proceeded to squabble, play, growl fiercely (well, sort of fiercely), leap around and pounce on anything that moved.

Wim van den Heever NS-005

There was another cheetah close by, but he lay flat for the whole afternoon, although we checked eagerly in his direction from time to time.

On the way back to the camp we passed a beatiful waterhole that looked outstanding in the golden rays of the setting sun. To complete the picture for us, two lions lay next to the water, giving us yet another magnificent photo opp.

So another day, filled with superb sightings, excitement, and excellent photography, ends with us gathered around the camp fire, sundowners in hand and more than thrilled with the events of the day.

Tomorrow we plan to check on the cheetahs again …