We Narrowly Miss a Lion Visit …

Dawie’s Day from Ta Sebube Lodge on the on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

The morning started off fairly quietly. We started at the waterhole to see if the lion that hung around there previously was still in the area. But all we found were his tracks. – and they led directly to the Lodge. Then close to the Lodge the tracks veered off and disappeared over a ridge.

We were keen to see smaller cats like the Caracal again, and thought that a drive up and along the Nossob river might be successful. Well, it was very successful from the varieties of animals that we saw. There were oryx, springbok, and wildebeest, and we spent a large portion of the morning photographing these and different rodents in their picturesque habitats. As we photographed the active and rather cute rodents hopping around we hoped against hope that a small cat head, maybe a Caracal, would pop up and surprise us. No luck!

We traveled further up the riverbed and although we saw fairly new lion tracks, there was no sign of any cat, large or small.

We turned back for a slow drive back to the Lodge. On the way back we practised our high-key expertise as the light was very bright. The wildebeest looked wonderful as they ran around or clumped together under trees.

As we arrived back at the Lodge the staff informed us that the lion tracks we had seen veering away actually turned back and the lion had strolled right through the camp to reach the waterhole overlooked by the Lodge.

We could see a pride of lions way in the distance where they had moved after their drink at the waterhole. Then in the day we saw the pride approach the waterhole and we could see them lying comfortably under trees not far away.

During the afternoon drive we did not want to venture far from the Lodge because we fully expected the lions to get up for a drink at the waterhole and we really wanted to photograph them there.

We went up the dune road and photographed jackals and the Plains animals before we turned back to see if the lions would oblige us. No! They just lay there under the trees, looking around from time to time, but they made no attempt to move anywhere. We waited until the time came to return to the Lodge for sundowners and dinner.

But that was not the end of the lions. After sunset they started to call and roar – and this they did for the whole evening. So, in the morning we would like to start our drive back at the lions again …