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Namibia Landscapes &Wildlife Photo Tour: Swamped by Pelicans

Wim’s News from Sossusvlei on the Namibia Landscapes &Wildlife Photo Tour …

(Photos from both Wim and Hendri)

What an amazing, busy few days we have had since our last communication! Our days start early, crammed with experiences, dinner, and then bed.

We arrived in Swakopmund yesterday – and drove slap-bang right into a huge, really huge, sandstorm. But on the way we had two burst tyres on the road that is so rough that at times it seemed miraculous that all the tyres didn’t pop.

We made it through, driving through that gigantic sandstorm that obliterated the world around us. We had to peer through the murk, and concentrate to see where the road was! It was quite something to see, and driving through it defies description. Eerie, awesome, and we were all very aware that this was the tail end of the huge storms raging in the Cape to the south.

When we arrived we split up – half to enjoy the bay cruise and all the marine wildlife, and half went into the desert to photograph the creatures that inhabit the dunes. And then today we split again, and switched our trips.

And can you believe it – on both days each group had the most incredible, mind-blowing, satisfying time and returned with memory cards filled with images of a lifetime.

The desert experience revealed desert dwelling Chameleons, Side-winders that move across the sand in such a unique way, Horned Adders, Shovel-snouted Lizards with their long limbs, and the amazing rolling dunes all around. The photos that everyone collected are quite outstanding!

The bay cruise was equally incredible. The bay was flat, with very little wind, and the resident Pelicans took one look at our boat and on each occasion took the opportunity to befriend us, again giving us some really spectacular photographic opportunities. The pelicans were all around, flying back and forth, landing among us, flying, settling, befriending us and possibly hoping that we were a fishing vessel and not just tourists.

We photographed them fishing all around us, we photographed them against the light, with the light, banking around the boat, flapping around, and of course landing among us to demonstrate their friendship …

We also saw Flamingoes and Seals, but I must admit that the pelicans totally enchanted us and dominated the scene!

Tomorrow we plan to leave early for our long drive to Etosha and the wonderful wildlife that awaits us there …

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