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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Success Through the Night at the Waterhole …

Ben Reports from Etosha on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …

(Photo from back of Ben’s Camera)

As we planned, we headed straight to New Brownie when we woke up in the early morning. There we were lucky enough to find a sole lion. He is a member of a coalition of three, but the other two were nowhere to be seen. The lion was right at the edge of the parking space. He was yawning and grooming himself before deciding to move about fifty meters away, where he lay down and started roaring. He was contact calling for his brothers and we hoped that they would arrive to join him, or that maybe he would decide to have a drink at the water. Neither happened. He eventually got up and sauntered off in the opposite direction away from the water.

As we waited for some activity from the lion we photographed Oryx chasing each other, while Springbok sparred, and ostriches packed shoulder to shoulder to drink at the waterhole.

In the afternoon our two groups split up. One group visited Okondeka Waterhole where two male lions lazed around in the afternoon sun. We couldn’t see the second lion as he was obscured by bushes, but there were plenty of clues that pointed to his location. There were fixed stares and alarm calls galore from the Oryx, Springbok, and Giraffe as they came down to the water to drink.

About half an hour before we had to leave the waterhole, the second lion sat up, yawned, stretched, got up and walked around with the seeming never-ending vista of Etosha pan behind him.

After a while he lay down facing us and stared in the direction of his brother. So our images of the handsome fellow with that immense pan behind him look really good.

Our second vehicle wanted to see elephants and with this in mind they visited Olifantsbad. And as if on cue, the elephants arrived to drink at the waterhole.

We all met up again back at the camp, each group more delighted than the other with the day’s sightings and photography. We all went to the Okaukuejo Waterhole to see which nocturnal visitors would arrive. We were very lucky to see a Black Rhino emerge from the darkness for a leisurely drink.

Most of the group went to bed at around 03:00, but those who stayed up were rewarded when the two brothers of the coalition arrived in the early hours of the morning. And when the lions left a Brown Hyena arrived for a drink – well worth the effort of staying up so very late …

And by now it was time to start the next day …


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