Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Predators at Etosha …

Wim’s News from Halali in Etosha on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …

(Photos from Hendri Venter)

Well, as we said in our previous blog, we left Swakopmund early for our long drive up to Etosha, where we are now. The drive was long, through different towns, and it was well worth it! The amount of game in Etosha seems to have increased dramatically since we were here a few weeks ago. The late rains have attracted large numbers of animals to the area.

On the way to our camp we saw plenty of plains animals and when we took a quick detour to the Salvadora waterhole a heavily pregnant lioness walked right across the road right next to us to go for a drink of water at Salavdora. The beautiful, golden late afternoon sun was just perfect for photography and our cameras, ever-ready were kept busy.

From there we carried on the the Rietfontein waterhole where found our first Black Rhino. He came down to the water for a drink and then strolled around the area.

After settling into our comfortable chalets at Halali we enjoyed dinner and then sank into bed.

Early this morning we were up and immediately headed out to the Salvadora vicinity. On the way we saw a number of animals, including hyenas and Black-backed Jackal, and when we reached the pan we drove around the water. There we found four lionesses all lined up. We spent some time with them. The were a little far for real close-up shots, but we managed some good stuff.

Then on to Rietfontein. A Cheetah was spotted on the Rhino Loop.

Back towards Halali we encountered another pride of lions on the main road. This time a large male was walking along proudly across the road accompanied by four females. On our way back to the camp we did some birding … and wow! Did we ever get some fabulous shots! Bare-cheeked Babblers, Violet Wood-hoopoes, and Carp’s Tits were among some of the rare birds mostly found around here.

After lunch we set off again – this time in a different direction. And waiting for us at the Nuamses water hole we found yet another lioness. She was lying quite flat in a grassy patch with reeds right next to the pan. She was flat – flat as can be on her stomach, with the short reeds and grass only slightly taller – about 10 or 20 cm higher than she was. And all around impala were milling around. The herd was spread out and they often approached very close to her. We captured numerous images of the impala drinking close to the lioness and hoped that there could be some action – but she ignored them.

Back at Halali we set up for Honey-Badgers but they have not arrived.

Although a bit tiring after yesterday’s very long day, Etosha has been great and everyone has a fabulous collection of images to take home … and hopefully even more to come …