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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Pelicans and Flamingos Galore for some and the Living Desert Experience for the others …

Brendon’s News from Walvis Bay on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …

(Photos from back of Brendon’s Camra)

Because our Tusk Safari group is quite large we had to split up today so that each can get the best possible from the diverse activities in this area.

The first group went to the harbour after breakfast and then out on a boat to view the rich bird life here in Wallis Bay – with an emphasis on the plentiful, friendly Pelicans. We photographed Pelicans, Flamingos and different gulls. We had a fabulous time on that boat! We got superb wide-angle shots of the Pelicans flying past the boat. Gulls milled all around.

The early morning was a bit dull, so we used our flashes, but before long the skies opened and we had beautiful blue skies.

At one point we relaxed on the boat, just drifting along, surrounded by almost 200 Pelicans on the water, all around the boat. It was an amazing sight to see, and a very special, serene moment.

Plenty of flamingos could be seen flying around and on the many small islands, and as I mentioned before there were gulls everywhere.

That was an extra special morning and a memory to treasure …

The other half of our group did the ‘Living Desert’ Experience. They had an enviable time, with some extraordinary sightings.

They saw no fewer than three Sidewinder Snakes,-

– a Palmetto Gecko with its pastel colouring –

– and webbed feet, and an number of Namaqua Chameleons. Then there wa also. Burrowing Skink with its snake-like body and tiny limbs. It was fascinating, and everyone returned with a collection of images of the dunes, and the creatures that live there. They even managed to video and photograph a Sidewinder as it made its way up a Dune.

Finally they also photographed Tractrac Chats, so all in all they had an amazing time in the desert.

Everyone gathered in the late afternoon to head north to a salt mine where large flocks of Flamingos may be seen. We photographed the few hundred birds until the light started to wane, at which stage we returned to our hotel, quite tired after another very full and very successful day.

Tomorrow our group plans to switch around with today’s ‘bay’ group venturing into the desert and vice versa …




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