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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Lions in Hot Pursuit …

Ben Reports from Etosha on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour – Lions in Hot Pursuit …

(Lion Image from back of Ben’s Camera)

At first our game drives in and around Halali were a little quiet. That is other than hundreds of zebra. It was a tremendous opportunity to practice high-key photography that turned out to be very impactful with the black and white colouring of the animals. We also photographed the zebras in the long grass, where they stood out beautifully against the green and yellow colours of their surroundings.

We came upon a magnificent Black Rhino on his way to the Sueda waterhole. The waterhole is right on the edge of the pan, with plenty of dried white mineral sand around. The dark rhino looked fabulous against that white. He really looked as though he was strolling through snow. He was alone, a single rhino in that moonscape of arid of whiteness. The stark contrast made wonderful compositions.

Things really started to improve as we came across a large cow herd of elephants with a number of little babies at the Rietfontein waterhole. We photographed them playing in the mud, playing in the water, thoroughly enjoying themselves as they and cavorted and splashed around. A large bull followed the herd and watched their antics at the waterhole.

We photographed a Pale Chanting Goshawk right next to the road. We sat quietly, waiting for him to fly away so that everyone could capture flight shots as he took off.

On the way back to Halali we stopped at Rietfontein again, where we found a journey of giraffes. They were drinking and we all photographed them as they adopted that stance that seems so clumsy and vulnerable when they bend down to reach the water.

On the drive back – actually at the turnoff to Halali, we encountered three male lions. Two of the males were in hot pursuit of the third, and they moved along rapidly and with grim determination. It was close to sunset by now, and the sun was about to touch the horizon. We were able to photograph the lions as they ran with the huge orb of the setting sun behind them.

So our day ended on a high with everyone fired up for our next stop at Okaukuejo …



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