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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Under The Iridescent Stars …

Brendon’s News from Swakopmund on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …

After everyone met in Windhoek we left the city immediately after breakfast on the first day of our safari and headed to Keetmanshoop. After an enjoyable, leisurely drive we arrived at Quiver Tree Lodge and after checking in and unpacking we headed to the Quiver Tree Forest. We had a lovely shoot there with the vibrant sunset and the Quiver Trees creating a dramatic subject in the foreground.

There were Rock Hyraxes basking in the rays of the setting sun, and they also provided some super photo ops for us.

We returned to the Lodge and after dinner we returned to the forest for our nighttime shoot. We spent many hours photographing the trees with the Milky Way a bright slash in the dark sky above. It seemed that we could almost see each individual star in the Milky Way, it was so bright.

We did a number (6 or 7) of compositions of the trees, using front lighting, side lighting, back lighting, as we experimented with light painting. It was indescribably beautiful.

We arrived back at the Lodge in time to get into bed by about 01:00 – delighted with the fabulous scenery that filled our cameras. It was the best possible way to start our safari, and a very successful first day.

Our second day – this time in Sossusvlei proved to be equally rewarding.

After leaving the Quiver Tree Lodge after breakfast we drove to Sossusvlei. The scenery on the way was lovely and we stopped a number of times for photographs. We arrived at Dune Lodge and after unpacking quickly we shot off for an evening shoot of a dead tree close to the Lodge with the Milky Way blazing above. We did some light painting with the tree as well, and set up for star trails and time lapse photography before we headed back to the Lodge for Dinner, planning to return in the early morning to retrieve our cameras.

Some of the guests opted to take a two hour helicopter trip to the coast. They returned with amazing images, and were particularly lucky as there was no mist or fog. The clarity made each image outstanding.

So again, the day was fabulous, and although we are all in need of a bit of sleep after two wonderful days with just so much to see and photograph, we are all thrilled with our experiences thus far and we are looking forward to so much more …


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