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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Dunes, Stars, Helicopters and Overnight Sky Photography …

Brendon’s News on Sossusvlei during the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …

(All images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

Last time we mentioned that we left our cameras overnight near the Dune Lodge to capture those magical star images through the night.

We left the Lodge long before sunrise the next morning to collect our cameras. We were delighted to find that our Star Trails and Time-lapse images turned out even better than we had hoped! The results were excellent.

Then our group split up again, with some taking the helicopter journey to the coast and around the area. This trip is a real highlight with breathtaking views, wildlife, and vistas from the air. The photography from the helicopter is also quite unbelievable, and everyone is keen to experience the trip at least once, if not more often.

Those not on this helicopter trip this morning took advantage of the magical scenes around the area – the dunes and the wildlife that lives on and around the dunes, including Oryx and Springbok that can regularly be spotted here. The sunrise colours tinted the whole area a deep golden orange to deep red, and with the animals in the foreground the scenes were staggeringly beautiful. Sometimes an individual Oryx, and sometimes small herds could be photographed against those deep red dunes and the lovely light coming off the dunes.

We returned to the Lodge for a short rest and lunch. Then a third group took off in the helicopter, and having seen what the others had seen and photographed, they were really excited about the trip.

The rest of the group visited Deadvlei for the afternoon, to photograph those tall dunes – described as the tallest in the world, and also the almost eerie shapes of the dead trees in what is left of the vlei – in the valley surrounded by those enormous dunes. The trees look wonderful silhouetted against the red dunes in the afternoon light.

People are always quite blown away by the scenery at Deadvlei and I believe that it should be on every natural photographers bucket list of destinations.

In the evening we again set up for star trails and time-lapse photography, again leaving our cameras overnight to capture those magical images.

Once again, before anyone else stirred in the early morning we shot off to Deadvlei to collect our cameras. Once again, with the cameras shooting from sunset to sunrise we ended up with fabulous images.


And of course being there at sunrise meant that we could again photograph more trees against those red dunes. We left the area just as all the tourists started to arrive for the day. On the way back to the Lodge we shot the famous Dune 45, a few more Oryx and more of the other towering, interesting dunes.


Then the last of the guests who had not yet enjoyed the helicopter trip did so. When everyone was together again in the evening there was a unanimous decision – because it is just so unique and beautiful – to return again to Deadvlei to set up again for even more star photography.


This morning we had a very early, short visit to Deadvlei to retrieve our camera equipment and for a few final photographs before we had to return to the Lodge and head off to Swakopmund.


We stopped at Solitaire for their justifiably famous apple strudel. Delicious! I defy anyone to drive past without sampling this tasty treat washed down with a cup of steaming coffee – or whatever you prefer …


There is a ‘car graveyard’ at Solitaire with a number of vintage cars rusting away in the desert air. Out came the cameras …


Now we are back in Swakopmund, happy to recharge our batteries before we start the desert experience and the bay cruise during the next couple of days here …


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