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Namibia Landscapes &Wildlife Photo Tour: Astral Photography Keeps us Up at Night

Wim’s News from Sossusvlei on the Namibia Landscapes &Wildlife Photo Tour …

Namibia! This land of wondrous vistas – landscapes and seascapes, deserts, animals, birds, reptiles … it is all here. And no wonder it is on the bucket list of so many wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

So here we are in Sossusvlei. Although our safari started a few days ago, this is our first chance to get through, what with late night photography and some areas that simply lack the necessary signals for a blog.

On Friday we all met at Windhoek and spent the night at River Crossing Lodge. We gathered together to photograph the beautiful sunset and to get to know each other … a lovely start to our trip.

On Saturday morning we left the Lodge very early and headed to the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop, where we arrived at about 14:30.

We first spent some very valuable time doing a tutorial on the ins and outs of night photography, emphasising how to get the best images of those amazing Quiver Trees by starlight.

Then we set off for the forest for a sunset shoot, and returned to the Lodge for dinner and a snooze. At 01:00 we all headed out again and photographed for the remainder of the night. The reason for this approach was because the moon set at 1am, and we were keen on being there for the inky darkness and bright stars to provide a magnificent setting for the stark shapes of those trees. The Milky Way looked breathtakingly splendid and our astral photography turned out beautifully. The combination of Quiver Trees, Milky Way, and Stars is something that once witnessed, will never be forgotten.

Everyone was fired up after this and by the time the sun peeked over the horizon each and every individual had captured some wonderful treasures and lifelong memories.

Back at the Lodge we had breakfast and left for Sossusvlei where we arrived during the late afternoon. After checking in, some elected to take one of the spectacular helicopters flights around this incredible area. Tusk Guests took it in turns to experience these flights during our time here.

On the first night we mostly photographed Oryx and a few other wildlife subjects. But last night we went right into Deadvlei and set up our cameras which we left to photograph through the night. When we returned this morning we had captured the most amazing sequences of star-trails and time lapse photography. Another breathtaking addition to our photographic portfolios.

This afternoon half the group returned to Deadvlei to photograph a second round of those amazing sequences … star-trails, time-lapses, Milky Way images – all of it! The remainder returned to photograph Oryx and the incredible dunes around the area.

In the morning we will return to Deadvlei to fetch our cameras and then after breakfast we plan to return to Windhoek in our Tusk Vehicles that have been performing really well – on our way to our next stop ..

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