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Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour: Animals at the Different Etosha Waterholes …

Ben Reports from Etosha on the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour –

Today we left Halali for our journey to Okaukuejo, but first we searched for the lions that we saw last night – the two that were chasing the single male. We found a lone male, moving rapidly through the bush. We positioned ourselves to anticipate where he would emerge, and then just as we saw him arriving from thick bush into a wide open grassy area he decided that he had enough of moving around, and after a cursory glance around, he lay down behind a bush and quickly fell asleep.

We moved on, with one vehicle electing to visit Rietfontein Waterhole again where a massive herd of zebra relaxed around the pan. They had finished drinking and were chilling in the morning air. The zebra were packed tightly together, and we took advantage of their standing around to photograph a series of different zebra patterns.

Our second vehicle opted to visit the New Brownie Waterhole where they found three male lions and some Gemsbok in the background staring intently at the lions. Another very successful shoot before moving on to our next rest camp.

This afternoon we visited the Okondeka Waterhole not far from Okaukuejo. Plenty of animals milled around – mostly wildebeest.

Three giraffe arrived and with the whitish surroundings we had a perfect setting for more high-key photography with giraffe as subjects.

After a successful day we are at Okaukuejo Rest Camp now and ready to visit the beautiful waterhole right here to see what evening visitors arrive – and in the morning we may check to see if those lions are still at the New Brownie Waterhole …

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