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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife: The Hunting Leopard From Last Year Hunts Again

Wim’s News from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: The Hunting Leopard From Last Year Hunts Again …

We left Swakopmund right after breakfast and enjoyed a pleasant drive to Etosha National Park.

After entering at Anderson Gate we headed towards Halali. On the way we topped to photograph Black Rhino and different herds of elephants.

Then, unbelievably, just before we reached Halali, I received a fabulous surprise. The leopard that I had photographed as she hunted successfully next to my vehicle surprised us again by suddenly appearing – again, right next to our vehicles.


She slunk around next to, and between the vehicles, and then climbed a large tree not three meters from us, from where she carefully scoped the area. We repositioned our vehicles to capture the best possible angles – and waited for her to jump down from the tree.

That really was a fabulous sighting for our first hours in Etosha, but it wasn’t over yet.

There is a water hole at Halali, and after we checked in we visited the waterhole. A herd of elephants arrived for their evening drink and shortly after they left a couple of hyenas pitched up.

We remained at the water hole until dinner time, and before we start in the morning we will take a quick peek at the water hole first …

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