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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife: Termite Panic Attracts an Aardwolf – and Another!

Ben’s News from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Termite Panic Attracts an Aardwolf – and Another!

It was still freezing when we set out this morning. The -6*C sent a chill throughout the area and we thought for a while that we would not see much.
Well, what we saw was simply amazing …
First of all, we found the female leopard from two days back. She was out hunting, moving relentlessly through the bush in search of suitable prey. We followed as she went through bushes, walked purposefully down the road next to us, alert at all times for any sounds or sights that could indicate an animal.
Blue Eyed Leopard
When she found a signpost right next to the road, she jumped up to peruse the area thoroughly in all directions. She was at eye level with us as she turned in all directions to examine the terrain in detail.
After a good look around, she jumped back onto the ground and continued her hunt. We remained with her until she disappeared into a thick Mopane thicket.
When we left for our afternoon game drive we quickly noticed that there was something going on with the termites in this region. There seemed to be some type of termite emergency, but we could not determine the cause. But there were termites scurrying about simply everywhere, and we watched as many Black-backed Jackals in different places came out to take advantage of the feast, keeping our cameras ultra busy as the jackals enjoyed the bounty swarming on the ground.
Aardwolf Howling
The termite emergency also brought out other animals … notably an Aardwolf that we found right next to the road. He was so intent on feeding that he totally ignored us as we arrived and had plenty of time to compose some excellent photographs.
The aardwolf gradually wandered further from the road as he followed the termites, but by then we had filled our memory cards with some fabulous shots.
Then unbelievably we found a second aardwolf. This one was a little more aware of us and therefore quite skittish, but we still had time for a decent number of images before he moved away, a little more hastily than the earlier one.
We returned to the Camp really delighted with our sightings of the day … and for the majority in our group, this was the first ever decent sighting of a an aardwolf, and certainly the first ever opportunity to photograph them in the wild.
Tomorrow we plan to leave early to see if the termites are still panicking …
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