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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Rhinos, Giraffe, and Lionesses Drink Together …

Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Lions hunt …

(Images from back of Brendon’s camera screen)

Brendan’s News from Namibia:

We left very early in the morning, very keen to catch up with the lions that we left at the Rietfontein dam the evening before.

To cover the area really well we split up, with some guests heading straight to the Rietfontein Dam to check that area while the remainder travelled along the Pan Road to check whether there were any signs or tracks that indicated that the lions had moved on.

Luckily for us we found the two lionesses with two youngsters along the Pan Road. The two youngsters were playing, gambolling around and enjoying a very boisterous game, which gave us some fabulous photo opportunities. The early morning light was beautiful as the two jumped around and on each other.

3 Bren Namibia Lions Playing_1679

We spent the next few hours with the lions as they moved along quite quickly. They were beginning to hunt, and every time they spotted possible prey they immediately went into stalking mode.

First they spotted a herd of zebra and the two adult lionesses flattened their ears, crouched low to the ground, and crept closer to the herd. We waited quietly for ages to see how the scene would play out, but after we waited with a lot of patience, we were rewarded with – nothing! The zebras simply walked away! However, our collection of images of the action is superb.

After the excitement we returned to the Lodge where we packed up and departed for our next stop – Okaukuejo, in the South of the reserve.

After our arrival and a quick unpacking to settle in we went straight to the New Brownie waterhole where plenty of elephants appeared, intent on having a bathe and a drink. Zebra herds milled around, while Gemsbok and Springbok pitched up as well. Birds were also plentiful – the Namaqua Sandgrouse were particularly present.

During the evening we enjoyed some great photography around the waterhole in front of the Lodge. We used flash to capture images of the nocturnal visitors that arrived to drink.

At one stage there were six Black Rhinos, two giraffe, and two lionesses, all drinking at the same time! It felt quite surreal!

We would like to repeat the incredible experience again tomorrow …

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