Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Jackal Fight

Ben’s News from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Jackal Fight

8 Namibia Group

We left early in the morning for our final game drive in the Halali area. We were keen for another leopard sighting but although we saw plenty of other game, there was no sign of a leopard anywhere.
After breakfast we left for Okaukuejo. In the way we passed a few water holes where animals congregated.
Close to Okaukuejo we found a waterhole literally teeming with hundreds of Springbok, Gemsbok, and numerous giraffe. We filled our cameras with dozens of images before leaving to check in at the Camp.
When we returned after lunch, we were amazed to discover that the animals had all disappeared. There was not a hoof in sight!
So we traveled on … and this time chose Gemsbok Vlakte as a possibility. And what a good choice that turned out to be …
As we approached we noticed some ostriches at the waterside.
2 Ostrich Juan -020-20
The ignored our approach, but suddenly they all panicked and ran away as fast as they could. What could have caused that panic, we wondered. Searching the area carefully we found the cause … three lions were marching toward the waterhole.
When the lions came closer we could see that they were quite hungry … actually very thin. They came to the water where they proceeded to drink for ages. Just when we though they had finished they put their heads down to drink some more.
2 Wim Lion02-1
Then the three went to lie down at the side of the waterhole and although many different animals arrived during the afternoon, they didn’t even bother to lift their heads to look at them. Maybe they just didn’t have the energy to initiate a chase. Aware that the lions posed no threat, different animals arrived at the waterhole, drank their fill, and departed without a glance back at the lions.
A couple of Black-backed Jackals arrived for a drink and for a while the peaceful atmosphere continued. Then another jackal pitched up and two of them really objected to each other’s presence. Snarling, they glared at one another … then a chase started, culminating in a vicious fight between the two. Fangs bared each tried to get the upper hand.
The fight ended abruptly – with the jackals each heading off in their own direction.
By now it was time to return to the camp for dinner, after which we visited the waterhole for some nighttime photography. A herd of elephants arrived to drink, looking quite magnificent in the moonlight.
Tomorrow we would like to check on those lions …
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