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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife: Mobbed by Pelicans

Wim reports from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Mobbed by Pelicans

We set out before dawn for our Bay Cruise. We were the first boat out and when the sun came up over the bay, the entire world transformed into a magical vista of rippling, changing colors.
Flocks of Pelicans spotted us in the first light, and hoping that we were a fishing vessel, they descended on us en masse.
8 Pelican and Wim
Even when we went at full speed, they kept up with us effortlessly, watching and hoping for a handout. They became more and more insistent, and started to land not only on the boat, but actually on our shoulders! It was fabulous!
8 pelican and someone
8 Wim and Pelican
But that was not all … different pods of Dolphins came up to investigate us as well, leaping gracefully around us, and enjoying their sports in our wake.
Then a Humpback Whale arrived and breached close by.
I cannot describe how marvelous every moment was.
We headed a little further out to where large waves were breaking across an invisible reef. Here seals surfed, jumped, and turned again to catch the next wave. The exhilaration was catching, and one almost felt like joining their sports!
Oh, there was just so much at every moment … I haven’t even mentioned the cormorants, gulls, and other birds that were everywhere.
When we returned to the harbour we decided to to visit the salt pans to photograph the flamingoes there, but it was a little windy and not great for photography.
So instead we found a sheltered spot right at the top of the beach, and overlooking the bay and the harbour. There we enjoyed a champagne celebration with dinner for Ben Cranke’s birthday – and a wedding anniversary for a guest couple. It was marvelous.
We reared to the hotel well after dark, extremely satisfied with another amazing day and looking forward to our next adventure – tomorrow …

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