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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife : Mindblowing

Wim reports from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Mindblowing!

Our safari got off to a breathtakingly beautiful start.
We left Gauteng early on a chilly winters morning, and drove straight through to Keetmanshoop.
We arrived at before 5pm, and after checking into the Quiver Tree Forest Lodge in Keetmanshoop we were eager to get going. After a quick stop to adjust our tyres for the terrain, we were ready to set off for our first photographic experience … in the famed Quiver Tree Forest.
Southern African people know the forest better as the ‘Kokerboom Woud’. The forest is a national monument in Namibia and has trees that are centuries old. The bushmen use the branches of the tree to make quivers for hunting – and the locals believe that anyone who visits the tree with respect and honour will have good fortune.
If that isn’t enough to being people flocking to the area, the photographic opportunities are – well – suffice to say that this destination should be on all nature photographers’ bucket lists!
After photographing the trees and amazing dolomite formations in the late afternoon and early evening, we returned to the Lodge for supper.
Then out again! Well, it was meant to be for an hour or two, but we simply could not drag ourselves away and finally only packed up when the clock crept towards midnight.
(Apologies that the images for this blog did not transmit due to erratic wifi connections – but here is a night-time image from Kubu island – and yes, that is a baobab, not a ‘kokerboom’! Hopefully the images will arrive tonight …)
 99 Juan Kubu-099-95
In the morning we plan to return for some early morning sunrise photography …

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