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Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife: Fitzgeoghegan Wildlife

Wim reports from the Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari: Fitzgeoghegan Wildlife
What a fantastic destination this morning – we had our desert trip, and started in the amazing Fitzgeoghegan – a stark area of the desert sculpted billions of years ago, and home to an incredible diversity of life.
Among these we saw a Namibia Day Gecko that blended so perfectly with the rocks and sand that if it had not moved we may have missed it altogether.
Then a Desert Chameleon kept us intrigued for ages. It had found a cache of worms, and we photographed about ten ‘catches’ or maybe ‘snatches’ as the chameleon’s tongue unrolled with lightening speed to grab yet another worm. Then it swiveled its eyes around independently, checking the area carefully before snaring another worm. These chameleons fade as the day progresses to reflect the rays of the sun, and they turn a dark hue when stressed or angry.
Next we found one of the iconic snakes in the area – a sidewinder, with only the eyes visible above the sand.
8 SidewinderJuan Namibia 031-184
Their eyes are situated on top of their heads so that they can look around when sheltering in the sand from the heat of the sun. We captured some great images, and even more when the little adder (they are one of the smallest of the adders) came out and began its unique sidewinding movement across the sand dune.
When we encountered a group of Gray’s Larks and Herero Chats, our guide showed us that holding out a few worms in the hand would bring these birds to feed from your hand. What was more, the birds hovered for a few seconds just above our hands before grabbing the worms. We used wide-angle lenses for the closeup shots of these unafraid, almost tame birds.
Because we had enjoyed such an amazing morning we actually returned to the hotel later than planned, where we grabbed a quick lunch before setting out again.
This time we drove along the beach, and what fun that was! A few vehicles got stuck a few times. That really was great sport! Finally we arrived at our destination for the afternoon, a point where seals seemed to cover every surface as they basked in the sun on the rocks and sand. Those that weren’t lying in the sun enjoyed the surf, riding the waves again and again. Again our cameras were ultra busy.
8 Seal Jump Namibia Juan 009-169
Back in Swakopmund, we are heading to the famed ‘Brauhaus’ for our dinner, and tomorrow we would like to be on the beach early again to catch the sunrise …

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