We Meet A Well-known Male with His Pride …

Brendon’s Update from the Masai Mara Migration Photo Safari:

After an easy journey and smooth flights from Wilson Airport, we drove past buffalo, wildebeest and zebra and arrived at Mara Ngenche Camp in time for lunch. The camp is beautifully situated at the confluence of two rivers and we looked around while oohing at the surroundings. Having settled in and after we sorted our photographic equipment, the afternoon was passing rapidly and it was time for our first game drive.

There has already been plenty of rain and the bush is looking lush and green.

Soon after leaving camp we found a large, well-known male lion. We were delighted to see that he was with his pride.

In fact we decided to spend the entire afternoon with the pride. The dominant male lion had a young impala kill, and we captured plenty of images especially when he occasionally picked up the carcass and moved around with it.

At sunset we were able to take some gratifying low-angle shots, with dark, heavy rain clouds as a backdrop.

The entire pride also proved to be very photogenic with a couple of females and youngsters that played and fussed around. The young subadults jumped around, on each other and on the lionesses, then went for a short stroll before they returned to worry the adults again.

On the way back to the camp the heavens opened and we arrived at the picturesque camp in good spirits and enjoying the welcome afternoon shower.

As it rains on most afternoons at this time of year, we intend to make an early start for our first morning safari …