Meerkats on the Lookout …

Dawie’s Update from Ta Sebube Lodge on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

After fetching everyone at the airport in Upington we headed straight to the game reserve. On the way to the Lodge we saw plenty of Plains animals, including Red Hartebeest, Oryx, Ostriches, Springbok, and Wildebeest. It was a superb way to start the safari with the new arrivals.

We left for our afternoon drive and first official dame game after we checked in at the Lodge and enjoyed high tea.

Once again the Plains animals were plentiful. Ostriches were dust-bathing, watched by Springbok and Gemsbok.

When we spotted a Martial Eagle in a tree the light was golden and bright behind him, and with a cloud buildup that was lit by the early rays, the scene was quite magical. We hoped that the eagle would fly and that we could capture a shot against that lovely backdrop. But the animals don’t often do exactly what we want and although we managed to capture some great shots of the bird in the tree, he didn’t give us a flight shot. Maybe next time.

We also photographed some very alert little Meerkats. They kept a close eye on the Martial Eagle and responded to each movement he made. At every moment there were a few of the little Meerkats watching the eagle intently, ready to scuttle to safety if he left the tree.

A Leopard had been spotted on a ridge during the early hours of the morning and we headed in that direction. We didn’t manage to find a leopard, but we did come across a female cheetah.

She went to drink water and we followed to photograph her there. Actually, we followed her until sunset, and because it was late we had to leave her and return to the Lodge.

On the way back we spotted a Caracal. The light was very dim, and we did our best to capture some low light images, some of which turned out well.

Our final sighting was a Cape Fox, and in the morning we plan to visit the fox den, hoping that the new guests will get to see the pups …