Masai Mara: Wildebeest, wildebeest, wildebeest and more wildebeest

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From Wim:


What a fantastic, beautiful, amazing day!


We rushed out of camp early to be there for any action.


As the sun rose, sending shards of unbelievably beautiful iridescent light through the heavy clouds and across the sky we found a herd of elephant right up on the escarpment. We were within meters of the animals and the light behind them gave us the chance to fill memory cards with the most exquisite images.


Just 3 km further on a pride of lions feasting on a kill was followed almost immediately by two male cheetah walking down the road, we followed them for some time until they came across a huge boulder, about 4 to 5 meters tall which they proceeded to climb. They looked breathtakingly magnificent peering over the rim of the boulder out onto the Mara Plains below. Having checked out the entire area to their satisfaction they jumped down the steep descent