Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration: The Migration Begins

Wim’s News from the Wildebeest Migration Safari:¬†

After a short delay when our flight was diverted to Mombasa, we arrived in Nairobi in time to meet with everyone at our overnight hotel.

Then after breakfast this morning we boarded our flight to the Masai Mara – where we arrived in time for lunch and then our first game drive.

One can hardly drive 100 meters here before stopping again for yet another fabulous sighting – superb photography at every turn.

a1a group image

So, at the risk of sounding like a long checklist, we not only saw four of the big five – plenty of buffalo, herds of elephants, lions, and Black (yes, Black!) Rhino – we also had marvellous photographic opportunities for excellent shots of Topi, Zebra, –

a1a Wim van den Heever-224-184

– Wildebeest, Thomson’s Gazelles, Waterbuck, Baboons, and Bushbuck.

The above mentioned lions had made a kill last night and, having gorged themselves, they were sprawled out all over the place. Some draped themselves over termite mounds, –

a1a Wim van den Heever-059-52

– others lay on the ground. The only sign of activity was when one or the other lifted a head for a desultory look around. Then plop, down went the head, and back to sleep!

Right now we are enjoying our pre-dinner drinks and chatting about the fabulous start to the safari. (In-between the jokes and hilarious anecdotes).

The advance of the migration is just beginning, with small numbers of zebra and wildebeest beginning to arrive from the south.

In the morning we plan to head south to check the progress of the migration …