Masai Mara: Wildebeest Double Crossing, A Snow White Cheetah, and a One Ton Crocodile Legend

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News from Wim:


Another phenomenal day! Whew! So much happened that I am really going to have to try and remember it all ..


We started this morning with one of the clearest skies that you can imagine. There was not a cloud in sight and the air was so still that not a leaf rustled.


Scarcely 2 km into our journey we found a pride of lions with small cubs. We stopped long enough to get some awesome shots of the family interactions and when they moved into a thicket we moved toward the river.


Trying to describe the Masai Mara as it appears at the moment is difficult because many would think I may be exaggerating. I am not! There are wildebeest as far as the eye can see. The Plains are covered with what appear to be acres of wildebeest and their zebra companions. Hundreds of thousands of animals are visible in every direction. We took a slow drive to better appreciate this incredible spectacle, stopping now and then to see if there was a buildup for a potential crossing. And every second or third stop showed us that indeed multiple groups were forming in preparation for that hazardous step