Masai Mara: Our Final Fabulous Safari Morning

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Ben’s News:

We heard that three brother cheetahs were on the move, providing a great motivation for our first morning stop.

We found the cheetahs quite easily, and found that they had made a very early kill and were busy with a wildebeest carcass. After they finished eating they obligingly strolled into a wide open area with plenty of visibility. As they walked along we pulled ahead to get photos of them approaching and then passing us before we pulled ahead again and repeated the process. We captured some great images of all three brothers in one frame walking toward us. 

Then the three settled down for a mutual grooming session before they flopped down for a rest.



We checked on the river, but there were very few animals and no gathering or buildup – leading us to believe that we were lucky to capture the height of the crossings in the previous days.

On the way back to the Lodge we stopped to check on the lioness and cubs and found a great surprise waiting for us. A second lioness – a similar age and from the same pride – was there, close to ‘our’ lioness. The latter sauntered over to her (?) sister and when she got close she gave a call. Almost immediately two little cubs emerged from the bushes and followed the lioness back to her four cubs.


The group started one of their boisterous, funny, entertaining games with rules that only they seemed to understand. Even mother seemed to laugh at their antics:




We believe that there is another small cub but he did not emerge while we were there.

We said a very fond goodbye to the lions and cubs and returned to the Lodge for lunch, and our departure to the airport.

At the airport we find ourselves planning our next fabulous safari …