Masai Mara Migration: Up Very Close and Personal with Giraffes

Wim’s News from the Masai Mara Migration:  Up Very Close and Personal with Giraffes
We woke up to a chilly, cloudy morning, and wanted to get out early for a final game drive in this fabulous area before needing to depart.
And we were rewarded with a fabulous sighting.
It all started when we spotted two large male lions resting peacefully under some sparse bushes on an open plain.
2 Wim Lion 305-295
Then a herd of elephants wandered casually onto the scene.
2 Juan Elephants Mara-015
At first the elephants were unaware of the lions, and we watched as they ambled closer and closer.
Then they became aware of the two – the closest elephants could smell the lions and as soon as they spotted them, the whole herd got together. It didn’t take long for them to decide what to do – send those big cats packing!
They didn’t waste a second – the chase was on! The lions scattered – one scampering to the left and the other to the right. It bordered on being quite comical.
But the elephants didn’t stop there! They chased those lions for about a half kilometer, and never once did the lions show any resistance.
Then it was time to return to camp for our flight to Nairobi. And for the final time on this trip we drove through all those thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Tommies.
When we arrived in Nairobi, there was plenty of time before our next flight, and we decided to visit the Giraffe Sanctuary.
2 Wim Giraffe -313-303
At the Sanctuary we were ushered up onto the second floor of a construction. From there we could see a number of giraffe hanging around, seven of them quite close by. They were very friendly and came right up to us. Then one of the keepers showed us how to put food into our mouths and allow the giraffe to take it from us. This was an amazing experience. The giraffe were all so gentle, and their lips were unexpectedly soft. And they all loved to have their ears scratched, and necks rubbed. The largest of the males was also the friendliest. He came back again and again for more and more tidbits and ear rubs.
We all enjoyed the experience – it was a lovely ending to a fabulous safari, and we left smiling!
Now we are at the airport, ready to board our flight home, already planning our next safari …
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