Masai Mara Predator Photo Safari: Scar and His Pride …

Wim Reports from the Masai Mara Predator Photo Safari:
(Photos from Back of Wim’s Camera)

We are at the junction of the Talek and Mara Rivers, at the beautiful Mara Ngenche Camp. The Camp is ideally situated in a picturesque area with lovely views, close to some well known wildebeest crossing locations, and our accommodation is excellent to say the least.

We arrived here this morning after our flight from Nairobi. We settled in quickly and had lunch while some thundershowers passed through the region. Then we were ready to set out in search of some male lions that they told us about back at the camp.

We heard that Scar, a venerable, scarred lion was north of the river with his pride, so we headed directly to the lions. As we drew close to the Serena Main Crossing we noticed a herd of impala looking very restless and anxious. They were all staring very nervously at a fixed spot and repeatedly alarm calling. We followed their line of sight and found the pride of lions.

It wasn’t long before a thin, rather old buffalo ventured onto the scene. For a moment it looked as though the lions were going to hunt him. They looked interested enough, but they were very full, with fat, distended bellies, and the effort was going to be too much. They were simply too well fed.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon photographing Scar as he lounged on a termite mound. We first used our long lenses but then changed to our short lenses after a while when we approached right up to him. We remained with him until the sun began to set, when we needed our flashes. The photography was outstanding.

Shortly before we headed back to our camp all the lions started to roar. It was truly awe-inspiring with Scar and his pride roaring right next to our vehicles, with answering roars emanating from the direction of the river. Three or four lions all roared at the same time, making experience quite overwhelming. There is something that stirs deep inside when in the presence of such a wild, raw occurrence –

We are back at our camp now, with thoroughly delighted guests. For some this is a first African Safari, and to be that close to the lions and to experience the roaring right next to us like that was a quite overwhelming experience.

We have heard that there are five cheetahs in the area that hunt daily. We plan to try and find them tomorrow morning …