Masai Mara Migration: A ‘Micro-crossing’ on our First Drive

Wim’s News from the Masai Mara Migration Safari:  A ‘Micro-crossing

Everyone arrived on time from different destinations and after breakfast in Nairobi we left for our rustic but luxurious tented camp in the Masai Mara.
We were welcomed with a delicious lunch served outdoors under magnificent, lush, towering trees, after which we were ready for our first game drive for this safari.
Well! There are just massive numbers of animals that have built up here before they undertake the hazardous river crossings – especially the crocodile infested Mara River.
Juan Wildebeest Buildup Masai Mara-042-2
Talking of crocodiles, we saw an enormous specimen lying on some rocks next to the river. It must weigh well in excess of 1000kg – and as this is a good feeding season, I guess there could even be a bit more weight gain in the next few weeks!
At the Mara River we hoped to see a crossing because of the density of animals that has built up. Then one zebra decided to swim across, and although we hoped that others would follow, they all remained grazing peacefully close to the river, and made no attempt to approach the river at all.
Juan Zebra Swim Masai Mara 012-1
Then two wildebeest started to cross – but in the opposite direction – back to the herd they had clearly left earlier.
We got some decent shots of the three animals and their ‘micro-crossing’, and couldn’t hang around any longer because a huge thunderstorm built up and we had to return to camp before being thoroughly drenched.
Besides the ‘micro-crossing’ we also photographed plenty of general game including herds of elephants and a large herd of buffalo.
For a first drive, that was pretty cool! Because of the massive buildup of animals we are really hoping for some spectacular action during the next days …
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