Masai Mara: A Fabulous ending to a Phenomenal Safari

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Wim Reports:


Sometimes communication from the bush can be a bit haphazard so here is our news from our last two days at Kichwa Tembo.


On Friday morning we went straight to the main crossing points on Mara River where we could see huge buildups of animals on the far banks.


We positioned ourselves and waited for the inevitable crossings to take place. Unfortunately some vehicles arrived on the opposite bank and their sudden and indiscreet approach frightened the animals away.


We moved off and found a pride of lions hunting wildebeest. We watched them for a while, but they are so overfed at the moment that they gave up the hunt after a halfhearted attempt, and lay down for a siesta under nearby bushes.


After lunch overlooking the Mara River we returned to the crossing point.


As there were no other vehicles in sight we parked and waited quietly for the action. Soon about 30 wildebeest and zebra decided to risk the crossing. The point they chose to cross took them to an outcrop of rocks and a steep bank on the nearside of the river. They swam across, clambered onto the rocks, and slipped back into the river, only to clamber up again and then slip back again.


Rain had started to fall at this time and as we watched a group of zebra also tried to cross. They reached the near side bank and tried to climb the sheer, slippery bank in the rain