Masai Mara: A Baby Hippo takes a Piggy-back Ride

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Ben’s Update:

We left extra early again this morning so that everyone could make the most of the day before they had to depart at mid morning.


Last night was a Blue Moon, and the full moon was still visible this morning, creating lovely, mysterious landscape shots for us.


There were thousands of animals on the Plains as dawn started to break, and the sight with the lovely skyline in the background together with the beautiful sky was quite breathtaking again!


We meandered along to try and locate a leopard that is resident in the area we were driving through, but while searching we were diverted by the sight of some active hippo in the Mara River. When we approached we saw that they had a tiny baby hippo with them, not more than a week old at most. We were ooohing and aaahing and taking photographs when the mother half submerged, then came up again with the little one on her back – near her shoulder area. This was just so adorable that we stopped even longer for more pictures.


Time was slipping away and before we knew it we had to return to the Lodge for  very reluctant farewells and departures. We captured some last images on the way of bickering zebra, various birds and antelope.


The new group arrived safely and after lunch we set out to the river to see if there were any crossings building up.


On the way we noticed a newly drowned zebra in the river that had been spied by an enormous crocodile. The croc approached and started to feed on it. At this time of year the crocs often don