A Martial Eagle with a Kill …

Dawie’s Update from Ta Sebube Lodge on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

The last full day of the safari was less eventful than the previous busy days. We decided as we left the Lodge in the morning that we would rather take this day in a leisurely fashion. This was great as we could concentrate on the smaller creatures like Meerkats. We also spent some more valuable time with the Cape Foxes. The pups were out and playing boisterously, and we often had to remind ourselves to pick up our cameras as we watched their delightful antics.

The Meerkats also kept us very busy. They bustled around, catching insects and geckos. Again, their activities kept us so busy that we were quite unaware that time passed so quickly.

We also spotted a Martial Eagle. The raptor had recently killed a Springbok lamb and was feeding voraciously.

There were the usual different animals that we have seen each day, and now and then we stopped to photograph Ostrich, Springbok, or Oryx if their surroundings were particularly picturesque. There are newborn Springbok everywhere, with very attentive mothers to protect them from dangers from the ground and from the air. The little Springbok lambs are very energetic, and dash and prance around seemingly endlessly and without any signs of slowing down or exhaustion.

During the afternoon we heard that a leopard had been spotted close to our location. We gave the area a cursory look over, but as our aim for the day was to take life at an easy pace, we didn’t stress, and rather turned our attention back to the other animals.

We practised quite a lot of backlighting, with Ostriches, and also the smaller animals.

Our quiet day was quiet, but a lot of fun, and we achieved exactly what we wanted before our final game drive for this safari group in the morning …