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Lion – Ostrich Chase …

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour:

Sunrise found us at a waterhole quite close to the camp. We sat watching the changing sky and the peaceful, gradually lightening surroundings but that only lasted for few minutes.

Suddenly we saw animals streaking across the open plain in front of us. Two Lionesses were in pursuit of some Ostriches. We watched them for a further forty minutes or so, and although our photographic opportunities were poor, it was great to watch drama and interaction between the Lions and their reluctant, swift prey.

When it appeared that there would be no further developments in the failed hunt we left the scene to take a drive around. We saw plenty of Plains animals, and stopped to photograph Zebra and Giraffe.

Because of our late night last night with very little sleep before we ventured out on our early morning drive we found ourselves becoming very weary as the morning warmed up. We decided to return to the camp for a midday nap, especially as we have planned another nocturnal visit to the waterhole.

This afternoon we visited a few water holes where we saw Elephants and Giraffes together. Then we headed towards a different waterhole to photograph the sunset. Luck was certainly on our side as we came upon a Lioness with three small cubs right next to the road.

We stopped to photograph them and then to our amazement saw that just a few meters away a group of Bat-eared Foxes were wandering around. They came to examine our vehicle and totally ignored the Lions that were so very close. And the Lions? They behaved as though they could not even see the foxes. They didn’t even glance at them.

After that interesting sighting we returned to the camp for dinner and to prepare for our moonlight visit to the waterhole. There will be a Blue Moon tonight, that promises good visibility in the dark.

And the moon was bright and gave a wonderful, mysterious glow to the countryside.

Visitors came to the waterhole in droves. A large number of Elephant bulls arrived and milled around the water for ages. They were followed by Zebra, a large herd of Giraffe, and then five Black Rhino arrived together. The rhinos were in a sparring mood and staged a fight next to the water, creating plenty of dust. They looked formidable and it was almost unbelievable to see each combatant walk away unscathed after the encounter.

Then a White Rhino arrived for a long, leisurely drink. After he left we felt that it would be the ideal time for us to also get some sleep before our early morning start …

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