Lion Cubs at Play in the Sabi Sand Reserve …

Dawie Has a Bumper Day with Big Cats on the Djuma Photo Safari:


We decided not to head to Thandi and cub this morning. We decided to try to find the male leopard again.however, we found no signs of his whereabouts, and as we were not far from them, we thought that a visit to the Torchwood lions with their giraffe remains would be a great choice.

Our time with the pride was so phenomenal that we could not drag ourselves away.

We sent the entire morning with them. The male was definitely interested in one of the females, and made amorous overtures, hoping to mate with her soon.

Meanwhile, the little Cubs that had been a little shy when we last visited, have become accustomed to our vehicle, and were relaxed and playful around us. They spent time around the vehicle, tumbling about and using the vehicle for a game of hide and seek.


It was a phenomenal sighting and just when we thought it could not get any better, the mother of the Cubs went onto a termite mound in clear, unobstructed view, and settled down to suckle the three Cubs. Aaah! It is simply wonderful!

From there we decided to quickly drive past for a check on Thandi. To our delight we found her out of the tree, and on a mission. She moved downstream along a ravine, and although photography was a challenge at times when she moved through bushy areas, it was exciting to follow her and it was the best possible way to end our safari.

After our amazing trip, and the fantastic photos we have accumulated everyone is looking forward to another Tuskphoto safari to this area that keeps on delivering …