Leopards on our Farewell Drive at Chitabe, Lions on Arrival at Little Vumbura…

Brendon’s Update News from the Okavango Photo Safari:

We left Chitabe Camp before sunrise again and went in search of tracks. Although we found lion tracks, we were still following them when we received a call about the female leopard with her cub. The two had been located, and it was a joy to see them again.

The cub was particularly playful, and together with mother climbed trees, jumped down, played on termite mounds, ran around, chased each other – and stalked anything that moved – like squirrels, birds, and even insects. The two kept us entertained us for much of the morning as our collection of photographs grew. The interaction between mother and cub was quite heart-warming and beautiful to watch.

When the two wandered off into a dense thicket, we moved on. We saw many herds of elephants, some very large herds of buffalos, and spent time with an active pod of hippos that cavorted and splashed.

When we saw a water hole that has partially dried up we stopped to photograph the birds there. Numerous Pink-backed Pelicans and Yellow-billed Storks had a very easy time fishing for catfish that crowded together in the diminished amount of water. The birds really had a feast.

When we returned to the camp it was time to pack up and leave for the airstrip for our flight to Little Vumbura. We landed and after a short drive to a beautiful setting in the bush under a large spreading tree we enjoyed an exceptional high tea. Then we set off on a short game drive to the Lodge.

On the drive we saw two handsome male lions accompanied by a number of lionesses and their cubs. The light was just right for evening photography and then it was time to check in at the superb camp. The area is beautiful with plenty of water everywhere. We have much to look forward to here …