A Leopard at a Warthog Burrow …

Dawie Shares from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Tour:
(Photos from back of Dawie’s Camera)

As it was the final game drive for the first group this morning the consensus was to search for anything that we could find and photograph. We have seen so much on this trip, and with all the boxes ticked, everyone was happy to simply enjoy whatever we encountered.

We drove around, and stopped now and again for different animals. Then we saw fresh male leopard tracks and decided that it would be fun to follow those. Our tracker went on foot and found the leopard after a search.

He was lying on top of a termite mound that contained a warthog burrow.

He patiently watched the entrance to the burrow intently and expectantly, ready to leap into action within a second. And that is exactly what happened. Shortly after we parked a warthog shot out of the hole and with a single bound the leopard went after him. But the lucky warthog was just too fast that time and the leopard missed his kill by a hairs breadth. Whew! That was close!

We remained with the leopard for the remainder of the morning as he posed for us on different mounds.

After a lovely farewell coffee break in the bush it was time to return to the Lodge for breakfast, to say our farewells and to await the arrival of the new group of guests.

Well, having read the blogs, and then after chatting to the departing guests the new arrivals were really excited when we set out for their first game drive. Their major request was to see a leopard.

We drove past the general game like zebra, impala, and even hyenas and then stopped very briefly to watch a rhino as he rubbed his horn on a log. Then we headed straight to the leopard. We found him at a dam, quite far from where we left him in the morning.

And to everyone’s delight we were watching the male leopard when two visitors to the waterhole pitched up. Two honey badgers arrived and ran right past the dam, giving us just enough time for a few grab shots.

After a very successful first game drive the guests are all more than happy, and keen to see what tomorrow might bring …